Wednesday, February 24, 2010

1724 Census continued

10.  Andreas Schantz of Hochausen, Franconia, miller, Catholic, age 25, his wife and child and a stepdaughter, aged 15. A good man, well lodged. A cow and calf, a hog and 2 pigs.
       1726--Andreas married Maria Magdalena Gaffel, daughter of Leonhard Gaffel and Catherine Wolf.
       1731--Two children, four negroes, four cows.

11.  Johann George Betz (Petz) of Weibstadt,Spire, butcher and prevost, age 32, his wife and child and an orphan girl, aged 9. Three arpents cleared, three years on place, a cow, a calf, two pigs. 
       1727--1 July, Betz, his wife and two children are in the hospital in New Orleans.
       1727--24 Aug, Betz is deceased. His widow, a sister of Ambros Heidel, married Caspar Diehl of Alsace.
       1729--This family was murdered by Natchez Indians in Massacre.

12.  Johann (Jean) Adam Matern of Rosenheim, Alsace, weaver, Catholic, age 26, his wife and child, two sisters-in-law, age 18 and 20. One and one half years on place, two and one half arpents cleared. A good worker, deserves some negroes. Three pigs.
       1731--Three children, three negroes, seven cows.

       **Jean Adam is one of my 3rd great-grandfathers.

13.  Casper(Gaspard) Dubs(Toups) of Zurich, Switzerland, butcher and prevost, Protestant, age 40, his  wife and two boys, 10 and 12 years old and three others.Two years on place, one and one half arpents cleared. Three pigs.
       1728--Casper Dubs  married Maria Barbara Kittler, from Wurtemberg.
       1731--Six arpents cleared.

       **Casper Dubs is the progenitor of all Toups families and is one of my 5th great-grandfathers.

14.  Ambros Heidel (Haydel) of Neukirchen, Mayence, baker, Catholic, age 22, his wife, his brother, age 18, and his brother-in-law, aged 13, crippled. One and one half years on place, one pig, a good worker.
        1731--Ambros, wife and two children, one engage, three negroes, two cows.           

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