Monday, February 8, 2010

Books Give Information About Families

1.  "Old Families of Louisiana" by Stanley C. Arthur, George Campbell Hucket de Kernion, published in 1998. This book has a chapter on D'Arensbourg with new information on his linage that differs from J. Hanno Deilier. Also a chapter about the D'Estrehan family. There isn't an every name index so you have to read the entire book unless you already know who your ancestors are. There are references to several  early German settlers in St. Charles Parish.

2.  "Napoleon's Soldiers in America" by Simone de la Souchere Delery. It is an account of some of the French soldiers of Napoleon's Army who came to Louisiana and settled in New Orleans and surrounding areas. This is a history rather than a genealogy  but it gives an interesting account of these early settlers that would be of interest to their descendants. These exiles married Creole and Acadian women and played an important part in Louisiana history.

3.   "Anatole's Story" by Polly Broussard Martin is the story of how he became a Methodist, then a Baptist minister and gives an intimate look at Raceland, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana and the Houma Indians that lived nearby. Anatole is a descendant of Joseph Martin and Marguerite Pitre as are hundreds of others. If I counted right he and I are Second Cousins, five times removed.

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