Saturday, February 20, 2010

Newspaper Items of interest---1883

St. Charles Herald--published every Saturday at Hahnville, established 15 Feb 1873, Joseph W. Carew, editor and publisher--Paper for the People.

5 Jan 1883

About the most unsightly architectural exerescenes(sic) we have ever seen are the iron cages set up around the roof of the State House in Baton Rouge. They are neither ornamental nor useful but positively disfigure the State House. We notice in this connection an interview in the last "City Item" with a prospective Solon, in which he says he will offer a bill in the next Legislature to have these cages taken down, (Ascension Democrat).
Notice: $10 reward will be paid by the Police Jury of St. Charles for the arrest and conviction of every person found riding or driving or pushing cattle of all kind on the Bonnet Carre levee, by order of the police jury.
Wanted: A person is needed to cut into cordwood, the woods between Hahnville and the railroad. Apply at the Herald Office.
W.A. VanVranchen, Carpenter and Builder, Hahnville, Building and Repairing.
Joe Stein--Practical Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. Informs his friends and the public generally that he is now ready at his shop, No. 2 Morgan Ave., Hahnville--to receive orders for boots and shoes of every description and style such as fancy dress, riding and mud boots, gaitors, molokoffs, oxford ties, low-quarter, balmorals, brogans, spring shoes, Prince Alberts, etc. Ladies and children's shoes a specialty. Lasts for deformed feet to order.
O. McLaren, Civil Engineer and Surveyor, St. John, St. James, and St. Charles. Plantation drainage a specialty. Hahnville.
Honsatte and Dettrick--Blacksmiths, wheelwrights and horse shoes. Front Street between Shaw and Julia, Hahnville. Repairing, second-hand vehicles bought and sold.
Creole Saw Mill--Bayou Des Allemands. Orders filled for cypress lumber in any desired quantities. Lumber delivered by Morgan Louisiana and Texas Railroad or by Schooner "Success" direct to plantations. Dealer in shingles, pickets, pienx, clapboards. Charles L. Hopkins, proprietor, or Torres and Peyregne, Managers.
Laborer's Association Store---John Fox, dealer in Groceries, Wine, Liquor, Cigars, etc. Front Street, near Morgan Ave., Hahnville. My motto is quick sales and small profits.
Pecan and Orange Trees Wanted--any person willing to furnish and set out 100 pecan trees not less than 2 inches in diameter or 6 feet in height and guarantee them to live, can make a bargain by applying to the editor of this paper. A similiar contract will be made for 100 or 300 young orange trees.

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