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1722 Census of The German Coast

The first book I read giving the early census records of The German Coast was "Settlement of the German Coast of Louisiana" by J. Hanno Deiler published in 1909.
It was republished in 1969,1970,And 1975 with a new preface,chronology and index by Jack Belsom.
Another book "The Census Tables for the French Colony of Louisiana From 1699 through 1732", compiled and translated by Charles R. Maduell,Jr.
There is also information published in "The New Orleans Genesis, Jan 2008-Apr 2008.

In Feb. 1722 it was reported that an estimated population of the German Coast was 333 people. On May 15, 1722 the official census of the German Coast was:

Karlstein with D'Arensbourg and an orphan boy; total 2 people
Mariental had 26 men, 30 women & 26 children; total 82 people
Hoffen had 25 men, 29 women, & 49 children;    total 103 people
Augsbourg had 17 men, 20 women, & 33 children; total 70 people
Grand total; 69 men, 79 women, & 109 children total 257 people

Official census of Nov. 1724 with added notes from the author on following census records.  Each side of the Mississippi River had 60 entries. The first started just over the St. John Parish line on the west bank and came down the river towards New Orleans.The inundation referred to the great hurricane that occured in 1721.

1. Simon  Lambert, of Oberebesheim, diocese of Spire, Catholic; 40 years old. His wife and a son, 18 years old. Five arpents of land cleared. Gave up his first place on account of inundation.
        1726: Six arpents of land cleared.
        1731: Jean Martin Lambert, (son of Simon Lambert),with wife and child.
        1764: Bartholomew Lambert,(son of Jean Martin Lambert and Anna Eve Lambert) married to Margarethe Troxler, daughter of George T. and Marie Agnes Troxler.
                                                                                                             to be continued

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