Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1724 Census continued

5. Wilhelm Ziriac of Ilmenstadt, Mayence, former coachman to King Stanislaus. A laborer, Catholic, 50 years old, with his wife and daughter, seven years old. He has two and one half arpents cleared. A good worker. One of the more well to do people of the community. Name also spelled Querjac, Siriaque and Siriac.

1731-- Only husband and wife. His daughter became first wife of Ludwig Wiltz.

6.  Johann Callander of Aubrequin, Palatine. A laborer, Catholic, 26 years old. Family includes his wife, a daughter, sister-in-law and mother-in-law. One year on place, six arpents cleared, two and one half  he bought from Peter Schmitz, and two and one-half that belonged to his mother-in-law and children.

1731--One Child, one negro and one cow.

7.  Stephen (Esteban) Kistenmacher, of Cologne.  A Catholic, 39 years old, with his wife and a daughter ten years old. One and one half arpents cleared. Two years on place, sick, broken down and miserable.

1728--His daughter Margarethe married Louis Leonhard, from the Arkansas settlement.

1731--Husband, wife and child. One engage, one negro and one cow.

8. Jeremias Wagner, of Orensburg d'Ansbach, Bavaria. A laborer and hunter, Lutheran, 27 years old. His wife and child. A sister-in-law. Two arpents cleared cleared. One year on place. A very good man and a great hog raiser.

1726--Six arpents cleared.

9. Leonhard Magdolff of Hermunse, Wurtemberg, 45 years old. A  laborer.His wife and an adopted boy 10 years old. Two and one half arpents cleared. One year on place. A very good worker. He has a very fine garden, is well lodged and very prosperous.

1726--Six arpents cleared.

1731--No children, three cows

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