Thursday, February 11, 2010

School News--1883-1884

St. Charles Herald, 15 Sep 1883

Our esteemed friends, Mrs. K.M. Haggerty, opened her private school with quite a good attendance and the prospect of  securing a larger number shortly. We are glad to see that our citizens appreciate her services, as well as to note the creditable desire to secure an education for their children.

School Board Records

In July 1884 the teachers were given as Miss Zulenia Bourgeois, Mrs. K.M. Haggerty, Miss Rosa Fleming, Miss Virginia (name appears to be Wuzel), Miss M.C. Manny, Miss A.M. Perkins, until March when she was replaced by Miss C.L. Anderson, Mrs. M.E. Pendergast, Miss Georgia Phillips, Miss M.A. Thoroughgood and Mrs. Arabella Gaston.

There was a total enrollment of 592. There were 104 whites and 488 blacks enrolled. There was a mention of a school in the Second Ward at Madisonville.

The board also voted to open the two schools at Boutte Station about the first Monday in Sept. for three months since the schools , opened with the rest in Feb., had to be closed on March 24 due to the Davis Crevasse.   {A crevasse is a break in the levee that runs along the Mississippi River}     

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