Thursday, February 18, 2010

School News

St. Charles Herald, 30 Jun 1883

George P.P. David, professor of French, Spanish, English, mathematics and all branches appertaining to a thorough education. Piano and vocal music also taught. Located one mile above Hahnville.

St. Charles School Board--1885

The School Board met in January 1885. They agreed to open 10 schools in February for five months. The teachers were to paid not more than $40 per month.
The board had some new members in 1885. Those serving were Owen McLaren, 1st Ward; Antoine Gassen, 2nd Ward; Leon Sarpy and John Tregre, 3rd Ward; J.L. Boutte and W.L. Youngs, 4th Ward; and Emile Rost, 5th Ward. T.T. Baudouin was the superintendent.
The ten teachers were Miss Zulema Bourgeois, Miss Rosa Fleming, Mrs. K.M. Haggerty, Miss M. Lewton, Miss M.C. Manny, Miss C.L. Anderson, Mrs. M.E. Pendergast, Miss Martha Pendergast, Miss M.A. Thoroughgood and Mrs. Arabella Gaston.
The school formerly located at Mr. Delphine Rousselle's was moved to the Delhommer Place in the 3rd Ward. Mr. Antoine Gassen presented a petition by the residents of the 2nd Ward to open an additional school for white children near Gassen's. This was approved and a school would open in April in Kinler or Gassen Village. The teacher will be Miss Georgia Phillips.

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