Friday, February 26, 2010

Inquest Records--Book # 1--March 1877-Dec 1886

Page 13--Inquest was held (no date) on the body of an unknown white man lying on the right bank of the Mississippi River in front of Ashton Plantation. The verdict was that he died from accidental drowning. Jurors were G.W. Wilson, Cobert Booker, Joseph Larmchay, Edward Fils, Joe Williams, and Coroner Clement Colly.

Page 14--Inquest was held on 13 Feb 1878 on the body of Charles Henry at Boutte Station before Domingo Pitre, acting coroner. The verdict was that he came to his death by no guilt being attached to any person and that the family may take charge of the body for burial. The jurors were E.H. Youngs, Stewart Johnson, Edmond Roberts, George Williams and Frank Roberts.

Page 15--Inquest was held on 19 Jan 1878 in the Parish of Orleans before Jno. G. Roche, coroner of the First, Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Districts, Parish of Orleans in view of the dead body of Ely Yarsent, male, colored, native of Louisiana, age 20 years, lying dead in Charity Hospital dead house. The jurors say that Ely Yarsent's body was found dead at the above place and after viewing the body and an autopsy by Dr. J.C. Beard, city physician, and on the evidence, we find that death resulted from a gun shot wound of the abdomen causing death. The wound was inflicted with a pistol in the hands of John Coleman between the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock, Wednesday, 16 Jan 1878 on the Morgan Louisiana and Texas Railroad, a half mile from Bayou Des Allemands Station, Parish of St. Charles. Jurors were J.E. Armstrong, E.H. Casselon, Robert Perrets, I. Martin, M.M. Haydon and Coroner John G. Roche.

Page 16--Inquest was held 16 Apr 1878 on the body of Laura Parker, at the 28 mile marker of the Morgan Louisiana and Texas Railroad. The verdict was that she came to her death by one Willie Cook of this parish between the hours of 3 and 4 o'clock in the afternoon. He willfully shot her with a double-barrel shot gun loaded with buck shot, causing death. The shot entered her forehead reaching backward through her brain by a certificate by a surgeon named J. Jemmason. Jurors were Achille Garner, Isem Kemper, Stewart Johnson, James Taylor and Coroner Clement Colly.

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