Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Death of McLeron Children, Lydia and Lena

It is with feelings of deep regret that we chronical(sic) the death of one of the most charming and promising children of our little village, little Lydia, the interesting daughter of our esteemed  friend Owen McLeron,Esq., aged 5 years, is no more. She was stricken down by that terrible disease, the diptheria(sic). All that medical science could suggest was employed, but to no effect. The Great Reaper had marked her as his own and the attentions and care of devoted friends and relatives were of no avail. She was taken sick on Sunday, first inst. and died Tuesday at 10 o'clock a.m. We believe we speak the sentiments of our entire community in rendering to the bereaved parents our heartfelt sympathies and condolences in this their hour of affliction.

Little Lena, Mr McLeron's second child, who was taken sick at the same time with her deceased sister, we are pleased to state, from the last accounts, was doing quite well and is considered out of immediate danger.

St. Charles Herald., July 7, 1883

Words cannot express the sorrow we feel in being called upon to mention  the death of another of Mr. McLeron's children. Lena, the beautiful three year old cherub, whom everybody loved and admired for her beauty and intelligence, has gone to meet her regretted sister Lydia. Two lovely children gone in four days. What a blow to the afflicted parents. No amount of words of condolence can assuage their terrible grief, nothing but time and the Divine Providence will assist them through the ordeal through which they are passing.

St. Charles Herald, July 14, 1883

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  1. how sad to lose not just one child but two within a few days. I cannot imagine the heartache their parents and siblings must of felt. Thank God that medical science has advanced to what it has in the last 120 years.