Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My First Acadian Family Line--Savoie

One of my maternal great-grandmothers was a Savoie This is the first time a name from Acadia comes up in my family. I will try to give you a complete list of all the descendants of the first Savoie to come to Louisiana. I invite you to share your family information with me. If you have any corrections or additions to what I have, please send them, too. Give me the source of your information so that I may re-check mine. No one is perfect and I may have made a mistake or copied something incorrectly. Or you may have some information I have not located. Sharing is how we all add to our records. Most of my research was done twenty years ago.

The first Savoie in my line to come to Louisiana was Charles Savoie, married to Judith Arsenault. Charles was born 30 May 1721 at Port Royal, the son of Francois Savoie and Marie Josephe Richard. His god-parents were Guillaume Blanchard and Magdelaine Pellerin. Charles' first wife was Marie Madeleine Richard. He was married to Judith, born 1736, daughter of Claude Arsenault and Marguerite Richard on 7 Jan 1761. Some information about Charles, Judith and their ancestors can be found in the books by Bono Arsenault. Also see "Acadian Church Records, Vol. IV, " by Milton and Norma  Reider. "Acadian Exiles in the Colonies" by Janet Jehn shows Charles Savoit, wife and eight children at New Rochell, Halifax on 6 May 1756 and Charles Savoie, wife and three children at Halifax 12 Aug 1763.

In the 1766 Census of Kabannoces, St. James Parish, we find Charles Savoy, age 44, wife Judith Arsenaud, age 30, and Jean, age 3. In 1769 in the Census of the Acadian Coast, St. James Parish, we find Charles Savoy, age 46, Judique Arsenaux, age 32, Jean Baptiste, age 6, Pierre, 2 months and Jean, 2 months. In 1777 in the Census of the Acadian Coast, St. James Parish, we find Charles Savoy, age 51, Judice Arcenaux, age 40, Jean Baptiste, age 14; Joseph, age 8; and Emedee, age 8. These census records can be found in "Cabanocey" by Lillian C. Bourgeois.

The known children of Charles and Judith are:
1. Jean Baptiste born 1763 at New Castle, LaRochelle, Halifax, who married Marie Rose Landry on 18 Apr  1796 in Assumption Parish.
2. Jean born 1769.
3. Pierre born 1769.
4. Amedee born about 1770; married Victoria Bourgeois 30 May 1790 in St. James Parish.
5. Joseph born about 1770; married  Marie Francoise Julienne Bergeron, born 27 July 1794 in Assumption.
6. Genevieve, baptized 22 Mar 1722 in St. James Parish.
7. Francis Paul, baptized 20 Feb 1774 in St. James Parish.
8. Marie Modiste, baptized 19 Oct 1777 in St. James Parish; married Pierre Bourgeois, 16 Apr 1795 in St. James Parish.
9. Simon Pierre, baptized 19 Oct 1777 in St. James Parish; married Rosalie Duhon, 11 Jan 1802 in St. James Parish.
10. Elizabeth (Isabelle), baptized 28 May 1780 in St. James Parish; married Louis Broussard 20 May 1800.

Information on these dates can be found in the "Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records Vol. II". I have not found any information about Jean and Pierre except their names in the 1769 census. Because of the census in 1777 also showing twins born in 1769 or 1770 I think it is possible that Jean and Pierre could be the same as Amedee and Joseph. Since they are only two months old at the time of the first census, it is possible that they were later called by another name. If anyone has definite information about this, I'd like to know about it.                                               to be continued

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