Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1883 in St. Charles Parish, LA

St. Charles Herald, 30 June 1883
The courthouse road is getting worse every day. Cannot the police jury appropriate a few dollars and have the same repaired.

There are a few deep holes in the public road in front of Home Place, which are a serious inconvenience to travelers. It would take but a little labor to fill them and this would make the road in front of that plantation one of the best in the parish, and judging from the energy and public spirit of the owner and manager, we have no doubt this matter will be attended to cheerfully and without delay. The roads above and below Hahnville are in a very bad condition, also.

Mr. Charles A. Bourgeois of this parish, who was recently admitted to the bar, has accepted a clerkship in the appraiser's department of the New Orleans Custom House.

The great suit of J.B. Friedman vs Adler and Co., dismissed by Judge Hahn for want of jurisdiction and subsequently brought before Judge Monroe of the city, has been decided against the plaintiff who claimed $10,000 in damages resulting from an alleged illegal seizure of his store. He will appeal.

Henry Parker, Julius Hughes and Ceasar Thompson were arrested in Algiers and charged with petty larceny of a skiff belonging to Star Plantation. They were released on bond and have retained Charles A. Baquie, Esq. for their defense.

The river is falling.


  1. the problem with the paving of the roads and no money to pay for it reminds me the issues today with city, county and state governments. Things never change!

  2. Charles A Baquie was my Great Grandfather. Thank you for posting.