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Newspaper Items of Interest---11 Aug 1877

St. Charles Herald Newspaper--11 Aug 1877--Hahnville,Louisiana

     The finishing touches to the new race course in this village were made last week.
     The cane on Rosemond Troxler's place is looking remarkably fine. We saw a stalk the other day with ten fully developed joints.
     There is complaints all over the parish of hard times. Merchants of more than twenty years standing say that they have never seen such scarcity of money.
     Owing to the redistricting of this parish into wards according to Legislative enactment, there are several wards without Justices of the Peace and Constables.
     One large planter out at Boutte has made 1000 barrels more of corn than he can necessarily consume. And such is the case with a majority of the planters of this parish.
     The Jury Commission, consisting of G.Espinola, N.Louque, E.Roberts and V.L. Ceresolle, with the Clerk of Court, ex-officio a member, will meet to-day in the Clerk's office to prepare a jury list.
     We were in error last week in stating that the body of the man found buried on the Morgan's Louisiana and Texas Railroad was colored. The body was that of a white man, evidently a German, and several marks of violence were found on his person.
     The gambling fever, instead of abating, appears to gain new headway in this neighborhood. We call the attention of District Attorney Earhart to this fact. Let him emulate the example of his predecessor, Judge Marks, and clear the district of black-legs and gamblers.
     Mr. Kelly, whose plantation is three miles below Hahnville, will commence cutting and stacking his rice crop on Monday next. Without exception, all who have seen his crop pronounce it the finest in the State. He has 315 acres of the staple, and bets on fourteen barrels to the acre.
     Captain Ranson, recently of the steamboat Robert Young, informs us that he will shortly remove from his present residence near the Boutte Road to Hahnville. He will build one of the largest and best finished houses in the parish. We welcome the Captain to our village, and wish that a score or more of such gentlemen would do likewise---that is, settle in our town.

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  1. These old articles never cease to amaze me. Makes me wish I could see that fine crop of rice : )