Monday, June 28, 2010

1883 in St. Charles Parish

St. Charles Herald, July 7, 1883.

Credit is due to our police jury for refusing to permit the assessment list of the Mississippi Valley Railroad to be enrolled for taxation in the year 1883, owing to the prompt and generous action taken by said company in closing both the Bonnet Carre and Patterson Crevasses some weeks ago.

We are pleased to see that our police jury have taken a step in the right direction in having some of their number appointed as syndics. We hope that this may prove such a change for the better, that all of them may be persuaded to accept a like appointment for the good of the parish.

Conductor Muro, of the M. L. & T. R.R. put an old lady, with only one leg, off the west bound train at Boutte Station, last Monday morning, owing to the fact of her not having sufficient money to carry her to her destination of Rockport, Texas. Owing to the kindness of Hon. J. L. Boutte and other citizens of our parish, she was sent on her way rejoicing.

One of the largest and most complete sugar plantations of Boutte Station neighborhood is that of Col. E. H. Young, a gentleman of genius, vigor, and popularity. This fine plantation is situated about 3 miles above Boutte; the M. L. & T. R.R. runs through the place and the traveller is impressed with the beauty of the surroundings, sugar cane presenting a healthy growth, buildings having evidence of care and attention, besides other indications that this is a first class place, complete in every respect.

A duel took place last Wednesday in St. John Parish, between Messrs. Elias Williams and Leon Montegut, after an exchange of shots, neither party was impaired.

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