Wednesday, June 16, 2010

School Board Records--January 1896

     The board resolved that no male teacher would be employed in any school as long as competent females could be employed.
     The insurance for fire protection on the Des Allemands school was paid in the amount of $3.75.
     The board also voted to build two schoolhouses for white families in the 2nd and 3rd Wards. The buildings were to be 35 by 25 feet and 12 feet high built of good cypress lumber except the floor and ceiling, which could be of pine. The building was to be placed on brick pillars and not to exceed $500 each in cost.
     The schools and their teachers were 1st Ward: Miss A. J. Doherty, white school at Trinity; F. A. Perkins, black school at Trestman; and J. Bienocu, white school at Hahnville. The last name was hard to read and may be incorrect.
     The 2nd Ward schools and teachers were Miss M. A. Cass, white school at Fashion Place; Johnson Gilmore, black school at Flaggville; Mrs. J. D. Triche, white school at Gassenville; G. S. Washington, black school at Gassenville; Miss  M. E. Logan, black school at Madisonville.
     In the 3rd Ward Miss M. L. Connelly taught at the white school at Delhi and Miss U. Pierson at the black school at Prattville.
     In the 4th Ward Miss Warren was at the white school in Boutte; R. Smith at the black school in Paradis and Miss Effie Porteous at the white school in Des Allemands.
     In the 5th Ward Miss Kate Geason was at the white school at Elkinsville and Mrs. D. G. Russell at the black school at Elkinsville.

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