Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Census of 1724

59.  Johann (Jean) Jacob Foltz of Ramstein, Palatinate, Catholic,26, shoemaker, wife, child, age one. Four arpents cleared, two years on place, one pig. This year made only seven barrels of rice due to inundation. Was sick the whole summer.
       1731--Two children, two cows.

60.  Bernhard Anton (Bernard Autt) of Schweigen in Wurtemberg, Lutheran, 30, wife, boy, age 10. About four arpents cleared, two years on place, two pigs. Made 20 barrels of rice this year, would have made 60 barrels of corn, if there had been no indunation. A good worker.
       1731--Three children, one engage, six cows.

This ends the German families in St. Charles Parish. I will continue with the other German families in the New Orleans area.

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