Sunday, June 20, 2010

German Neighbors-1724 census

Germans who setteled on land that belonged to Bienville

1.Peter Bayer from Wankenloch, near Durlach, Baden. Six arpents of land.

2. Casper Hegli, a Swiss from near Lucerne, 35, Catholic, his wife, a daughter and two orphan boys. A cow, a heifer, a young bull and three pigs. Two years on place.  He has made a very fine garden enclosed by palisades. He has made a good levee. Did not make more than three barrels of rice due to inundation. (hurricane) Has six arpents of land. He is a good worker and deserves a negro.

3. Jacob Huber, native of Suevia, Germany, 45, Catholic, wife, a son of 16. One engage. One cow, one heifer, one pig. Made no crop due to inundation. A good worker.
    Jacob Huber's son Christoph married Marie Josephine St. Ives. Their descendants write their names as
    Oubre, Ouvre and Hoover.

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