Monday, June 21, 2010

Inquest Records--Book 1, March 1877--December 1886

P58.  Inquest was held on 14 Apr 1882 on the body of Washington King, lying dead in an isolated cabin about three miles from the river near Waggamen, 4th Ward. The jurors' verdict is that he came to his death from an accidental bad fall, having struck his left chest causing the rupture of a chronic abces(sic) and active hemorhages(sic) and death in a few hours and we find that the vomiting of blood was produced by the above cause and that the fall was accidental as no one approached him until the time he was in agony and so we exonerate anyone to blame. Jurors were Adolph Mojonnier, E. Waggamen, Edward Bull, Jos. Streger, Louis Edward and J. F. Martin, Coroner.

P59.  Inquest was held on 27 June 1882 on the body of an unknown man in front of the Davis Place. Apparantly(sic) a Chinaman fished out of the Mississippi River by Mathews Antoine. The jurors verdict is that the man came to his death by drowning. Jurors were Clairborne Stainly, J. M. Bailer, Jos. M. Ward, Jos. Newell, Jos. Thomas, and Joseph B. Friedman, Dy. Coroner.

P60.  Inquest was held on 27 June 1882 on the body of a colored man found in the Mississippi River in front of the Alice Plantation. The said body,  from all appearance, having been in the water about three months. No marks of violence or injury could be seen. The body was brought to shore by Ursin Zeringue. Jurors were J. M. Bailer, Clairborne Stanily, Marshall Bennett, Louis Thomas, D. K. Lewis and Jos. B. Friedman, Dy. Coroner.

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