Saturday, June 19, 2010

Have You Read ?

For information about your Acadian ancestors Civil War experiences read "Acadian General: Alfred Mouton and the Civil War" by William Arceneaux. While Mouton is the focus of the book, he led the troops from the St. James Rifles, Acadian Guards, St. Landry Volunteers, Lafourche Creoles, Natchitoches Rebels, Hays Champions and Confederate Guards. These make up the 18th Louisiana Regiment who fought in several states and throughout Louisiana.

"A Soldier's Journey, The Civil War Diary of Henry C. Caldwell, Co. E, 7th Louisiana Infantry, CSA" edited by Keith G. Bauer is  the diary of a soldier from Franklin, LA from June 1861 to August 1863. He was in battles in Manassas, Front Royal, Cross Keys, Winchester, Middletown, Port Republic, Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. He tells about life of a regular soldier and would give you an idea of what your ancestor may have gone through.

"Journal of Confederate History" by Dr. John McGlone also tells about things that happened during the Civil War.

The magazine "Acadiana Profile" has interesting articles on many subjects. If you can find V12, #3 there is an article by Winston De Ville, "Ancestry in Acadiana." He tells where some of the odd names of our ancestors came from. He says they are taken from very obscure saints, mythology, ancient history, romantic novells and pagan royalty.

"Germans of Louisiana" by Ellen C. Merrill tells about German settlements in New Orleans, Minden and Rayne, LA.  This book tells about the state's German buildings, towns, monuments, prominent people and other information of the 19th century.

If your library doesn't have these publications, try inter-library loan.

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