Wednesday, June 9, 2010

St. Charles Parish--1860--by J. W. Dorr, continued

     The Parish officers of St. Charles are--Samuel McCutcheon, President of the Police Jury, whose post-office is at McCutcheon's Landing; and Messrs. Noel St. Martin, Sheriff; C. St. Martin, Clerk District Court; and  also Parish Treasurer; and Emile Tastet, Recorder, all whose post-office address is St. Charles Court House. Among the "solid men" of the parish, are the following, some of whom are very "solid" in the matters of money, lands and negroes: Messrs. George Wailes, Sosthene Deneufbourg, Webb and Broaddus, Francis Webb, W. B. Whitehead, Charles Davenport, Chauvin, Levois & Co., Francis Bougere, Troxler Brothers, George E. Payne, Richard Taylor, Louis Ranson, A. Lanfear, Meyronne Brothers, Gautier & Ory, P. Sauve, Ezra Davis, Nosin Zeringue, Montegut & Lagrove, P. A. Rost, George Pincard, E. F. Labranche & Co., J. W. & S. McCutcheon, Pierre Soniat, Octave LaBranche, Lestang Sarpy, A. Duplantier, George R. Price and Henry Frellson. There are quite a number of rich widows in the parish, I am told, so rich that they deserve to be ranked among the "solid men", but I will not give their names, lest they and the other good people of the parish should be afflicted with an invasion of fortune-hunting bachelors.
     The planters are complaining very much of the backwardness of the rattoon cane in coming up, and the scattering and imperfect manner in which it does come. The plant cane, however, is very promising, and the general prospect of the crop, at this early date, is accounted good. Corn is looking very finely.
     The levee all along, so far, is in splendid condition. The fracture made by the Labranche crevasse is most thoroughly healed, and like the whole of the levee from the city up to this point, will defy all that any flood can do against it.

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