Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Inquest Records, Book 1, March 1877--December 1886

Page 61.  Inquest was held on 15 July 1882 on the body of Aristide Pierre found floating in the Mississippi River, at Davis Place. The jurors verdict is that he accidently drowned in the river in front of Farmerville at 11 o' clock on the 11th of this month while attempting to force his horse in the water and we are satisfied that nobody is to be blamed for the accident. Jurors were Jos. M. Labranche, Valentine Labranche, Baptiste Antoine, Pierre Lewis, Bazile Pierre and J. F. Mojonnier, Coroner.

Page 62.  Inquest was held on 12 August 1882 on the body of Robert Bowling, age about 35 years, lying dead. Jurors verdict is that he was accidently (sic) killed at the 25 mile post of the Morgan Railroad, while riding on the section hand car, while in motion, by being struck by the car level, dislocating his neck, producing instant death and we find nobody to blame. Jurors were Ben Sird---ff, Adolph Mojonnier, Fred Mojonnier, Jeff Week, Henry Clark, Alex Griffen and J. F. Mojonnier, Coroner.

Page 63.  Inquest was held on 12 August 1882 on the body of Ephraim Porter at Freetown. The jurors conclude on 11 August 1882, that he came to his death from a pistol shot wound which penetrated his left chest one inch back of the nipple in a downward direction, perforating the heart, the lobe of the right lung, the liver, in which the ball was found, having caused hemorhage (sic) and immediate death. The shot was fired by one Alcide Diendonne, now in custody, while the deceased was in the act of committing an assault on said Alcide Diendonne armed with a water pitcher. Jurors were Milton S. Cox, Coy Clinton, John Pierre, Jr., Baptiste Jupiter, Bazile Ronbleau. Witnesses to mark, Chas. A Baquie, J. L. Martin, and J. F. Mojonnier, Coroner.

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  1. So interesting! I'm so nosy-makes me wonder what all the gossips were saying about each incident back then : )