Saturday, June 12, 2010

School Board Records--April 1896

Mrs. J. Champagne donated a tract of land to the school board to build the school at Madisonville, 2nd Ward. Thomas J. Sellers had the lowest bid to construct the school for $475 and agreed to build a fence around the lot and supply some benches.

Mr. Adam Keller donated a portion of ground on the upper line of his property in the 3rd Ward, which is as near the center of the school population as was possible to come by. The bid of P. J. Laurent of $425 was accepted to build the school, including a fence across the back and on one side where the property was not fenced. Bid of Ozeme Keller for $16.50 to whitewash the building and paint inside except the ceiling was accepted.

Ten desks were purchased from Thomas Kane and Co. of Racine, Wisconsin, at $3.30 each, delivered and a polished oak teachers desk for $12. Ten large blackboards were made for #1.50 each. Two privies cost $4 each and leveling the ground was $2.50.

The school board members for 1896-1900 were A. E. Picard, Joseph Baudouin, W. L. Youngs, L. A. Keller, Antoine Gassen, T. J. Sellers, T. B. Sellers (school superintendent), J. C. Triche, Able Strauss, P. M. Kenner and Charles Elfer.

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