Thursday, June 24, 2010

Incorporate the Lyceum of the Parish of St. Charles

The winter 1987 issue of "Terrebonne Life Lines" has an article by Cathy Shannon and Barbara Heck.

Act #37. Incorporate the Lyceum of Parish of St. Charles. Charles Perret, Drausin Perret, Charles Perret, the son, A. Labranche, Zenon Ranson, Norbert Ranson, Edmond Fortier, Renne, the son, Charles Doussan, H. Labranche, N. Chauvin Delery, Octave Delhomme, Darensbourg De Neufbourg, Jr., Bte. Labranche, J. B. Humphery, F. B. Trepagnier, Dr. Labranche, Chev. Delhommer, Dreudonne Fortineau, Francois Oliver, Focelle, J. E. Arnold, P. B. St. Martin, Zenon Darensbourg, Ambroise Brou, Baltazar Dusuan, and F. Gaudet, inhabitants of St. Charles incorporate a body politic known as " Regents of the Lyceum of the Parish of St. Charles." 6 Mar 1828 Second Session, Eighth Legislature, 1828, page 58.

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