Friday, February 12, 2010

Inquest Record Book #1, March 1877-Dec 1886

Page 7--Inquest was held on the body of John Irvin on 26 Jun 1877 at Luling Plantation. The verdict was that he came to his death by being shot with a double-barrel shot gun, with small bird-shot, held in the hands of Thomas Neal and Charles Mitchell. This was an accidental shot caused by said John Irvin, Charles Mitchell, and Thomas Neal playing with said gun. The shot having taken effect about one inch below the left breast causing immediate death. The certificate of death of the doctor herewith appended. Jurors were Charles J. Gaillard. J. Bellichot, Vilson Turner, Howard Bank, Calvin Booker, and coroner Clement Colly.

Page 8--Inquest was held on an unknown colored man on 29 Jul 1877. He was found dead on the Morgan Louisiana and Texas Railroad. The verdict was that he came to his death by some violence unknown to them and that the right side of scull bone of the head was crushed and broken on the right temple. We have therefore caused him to be buried. Jurors were Jacques ? Giles, Prosper Williams, Alex Johanson, Louis Claiborne, George Williams and coroner Clement Colly.

Page 9--Inquest was held on 12 Aug 1877 on the body of an unknown man at P.A. Rost Plantation, before Achille Hawkins, Justice of the Peace. The verdict was that he accidentally died by misfortune and not by any blow or wound. He was about the age of 40 years and seems to look like a laborer. Jurors were John Brown, Toby Bouvey, Fleming Richard, Moses Prophet, Abraham Brown, and Achill Hawkins, 3rd Ward Justice of the Peace.


  1. All entries are interesting-but the last one sounds like a real mystery. Wonder if anyone ever knew who he was.

  2. As I read through all these records I kept thinking about someone wondering where there relative was. Or could this be someone's brick wall now? There seems to be quite a few unknown people. Even today there are unknown people who die.