Sunday, February 14, 2010

Merchants in 1875 in Hahnville, Louisiana

Local ads in the St. Charles Herald show a variety of merchants. F.B. Earhart was an attorney, O. McLeron a civil engineer and parish surveyor, could be reached through M. Morgan at St. Charles Post Office. Louis Johnson had a fish and fish oil depot on Front St. John Fox was a blacksmith,wheelwright and carriage-maker. He advertised carriage-making, horse shoeing, plow and general job work and machine work of every description. He was located on Front St. between Shaw and Lincoln.

Joseph Stein was a boot and shoemaker at 3 Morgan Ave. W.I. Moffitt was a wholesale and retail dealer in wines, teas, groceries, dry goods, boots and shoes, oats, corn, drugs, lumber, pickets, crockeryware and everything required by man or beast. He was located on the corner of Front and Morgan St. A. Pepperkorn was a carpenter and builder, furniture repairer and varnisher, and cistern maker. He also did glazing and paper hanging. He was located on Front St.

Adam Schneider was a carpenter and cistern maker located on Front St. above Lincoln Ave. Max Chopsky advertised a new store on the corner of Front and Lincoln St., with the lowest prices for cash. He had on hand groceries, liquors, clothing, dry goods, boots and shoes, woodenware, tinware, and hardware. August Almstedt was a cabinet maker, furniture maker and varnisher. He advertised to put up houses, fences, cabins, etc. He was located on Front St., between Julia and Lincoln St.

J.H.C. Hunzleman was a dealer in wine, teas, groceries, tobacco, dry goods, boots and shoes, grain, hardware, etc. He was located on the corner of Front and Julia St. adjoining the Concert Hall. He also operated a coffee house here. Michael Pigott was a carriage maker and repairer. He repaired all articles in the saddlery and harness line. He also did upholstering and was located on Front St.  P.N. Manade was a cigar manufacturer.

The Star Plantation Store on the Bougere Place advertised fresh garden seeds. L. Gorton was a saddler, harness maker, trimmer and carriage painter located on Front St. between Morgan and Hahn St. Henry Aichel was a tin, cooper and sheet-iron worker. He always has tinware on hand and also repaired tin gutters. Adam Schneider was the only authorized agent of the Louisiana Rice Mill and furnished empty sacks to responsible parties in St. Charles Parish upon application.

Henry Niemann had just established a bakery at the corner of Front and Morgan St., opposite Mofitt's Store. He kept on hand a supply of fresh bread and cakes. Peter Kraemer had a furniture store on Front St. between Lincoln and Julia St. He was a manufacturer of all kinds of furniture, such as bedsteads, tables, sideboards, armoires, sofas and picture frames. He also repaired and varnished old furniture. Mr. Peperkorn had another ad as a builder of skiffs and other boats.

All these businesses were in Hahnville. The newspaper office was located at the corner of Hahn and Front St. The editor and publisher was Marcellus Vallas.  One hundred thirty-five years later all the same streets exist today, Morgan St. is now Smith St. and Front St. is called River Road. About half the names listed are still found in the parish.


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  2. I very much enjoy reading the names of business and professional folks in years past. Thanks for sharing this great list. I love to visualize the shops as I read down the list.

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