Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1724 Census continued

48.  Anton Distelzweig (Antoine Tistelzue), native of Selz, Alsace, Catholic, 29, laborer; his wife, one child,       1 1/2 years old. A good worker with 3 arpents or 32 verges cleared.

49.  Guillaume Pictot, native of of Morison, Brittany, 50, laborer, his wife.

50.  Friedrich Merkel (Frederic Melquet) from Wurtemberg, Catholic, 30, butcher, his wife Marianne Kohleisen. A good worker with 16 verges cleared. Two years on place, 2 pigs.
       1726--Four arpents cleared. In this year Friedrich Merkel married Anna Barbara Friedrich, daughter of Conrad F. and Ursula Frey. See #2. Merkel's name appears last in the census of 1727. Anna Barbara Friedrich, his widow, married Nik Wincher. See #2.

51.  Peter Muench (Pierre Munick) native of Oberheim, Palatinate, Catholic, 40, carpenter, his wife, girl, 14 and son 1. Woks at his trade, 2 arpents cleared. Two years on place.
       1726--Four arpents cleared.

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