Thursday, May 6, 2010

St Charles Parish in 1883

From the St. Charles Herald newspaper on 5 Jan 1883.

Married at the residence of the bride's mother, 420 Camp St., New Orleans, on Tuesday evening, Jan 1, Mr Charles J. O'Shaughnessy to Miss Margaret F. Urban. The bride is the youngest and most charming neice of Ex. Gov. Michael Hahn.

George A. Vincent, dealer in otters, beavers, coons, mink hides, wool, moss, honey, wax, poultry and country produce in general, 63 Decatur St., New Orleans.

From the St. Charles Herald newspaper on 30 June 1883.

We have yet to hear of a single authenticated "infamous deed" perpetuated by Gen. Butler while in New Orleans, unless the cleaning and improvement of the streets, the feeding of the hungry, the protection of the people in all their rights and the honest administration of city affairs by a federal officer may be called by that name.

"The Iberville South-- Does it ever occur to our citizens that it costs but little trouble to plant shade trees. A hundred percent would be added to the appearance and comfort of the town, were a little attention paid to this decoration." We have been preaching the same doctrine to our people of Hahnville. Very few, however, have acted on our advice. Mr. McLaren, the surveyor, is an honorable exception. His neighborhood is a perfect park, shady and beautiful.

Churches in the parish were: Our Lady of the Rosary at Star Plantation and Red Church, minister, Rev.Father G. A. Jobard; Baptist Church in Hahnville, ministe, Rev Bazile Ollage and St. James M. E. Church on Roseline St., Hahnville, minister, Rev. Simon Evans.

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