Tuesday, May 25, 2010

News From 1883

St. Charles Herald Newspaper--30 June 1883

The Moonlight Store, Alceste Darensbourg, proprietor, dealer in general merchandise,  groceries, boots, shoes and hats, plantation supplies--seven miles above Hahnville. Don't purchase elsewhere before examining my large and well selected stock. Buy here and you will save money and be happy.

Succession Of Andre Lorio. No. 171, 26th Judicial District Court.

Hahnville Daily Stage, leaves Hahnville Post Office at 9 a.m. connecting with the down train at 10:02. Leaves the Hahnville Post Office at 3:30 p.m. connecting with the up train at 4:32 p.m. Fare, 25 cents each way. Charles Brown, proprietor.

Wanted: Bricklayer, brickmaker, cigarmaker and a good potter.

St. Charles Herald Newspaper--7 July 1883

China is preparing for war.

Judge Hahn has come to the conclusion that the boys are too handy with their pistols, knives, etc. and has adopted a method of dealing with them that will make the luxury of carrying such things around rather expensive. From the "Baton Rouge Advocate."

Go to C. Roullier's this evening and treat your sweetheart to refreshments.

The 4th of July was celebrated with the usual appropriate ceremonies throughout our broad domain as well as in foreign lands.

Our sanctum and Hahnville have once more been favored with a visit from Mrs. Carrie Urban, a sister of Judge M. Hahn's and her esteemed daughters, Mrs. Mae and Miss Maggie, with her son Albert and grandson Urban.

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