Thursday, May 27, 2010

Inquest Records, Book 1--Mar 1877-Dec 1886

Page 51.  Inquest was held on the body of Fanny Garner on 29 Mar 1881. The verdict was that she died on 28 Mar 1881 from the effect of a gun shot ball with a pistol shot in the hands of Achill Garner about 4 o'clock pm on the 17th of Mar 1881. The ball penetrated the stomach, went downward lacerating the left kidney, the womb, and stopping on the hipp (sic) bone, where it was extracted by the coroner. The said ball having caused internal hemoragie (sic), inflammation of the kidney and the death. The aforesaid Garner is yet in the custody of the sheriff, Jurors were W. A. Johnson, Harry McNervey, John C. Bently, Edward Roberts, Adolph Mojonnier and J. F. Mojonnier, Coroner.

Page 52.  Inquest was held on the body of Thomas Washingtom on 18 Feb 1881 being dead at E. Waggaman's Place, 4th Ward. The jurors' verdict was that he died from a strangulate hernia of which he was himself ignorant and these friends who attended him with care, had no idea that his life was in danger and so we find no blame. Jurors were Harry McNervey, Adolph Mojonnier, John Bently, Paul Bernard Fabares, Edward Beell and J. F. Mojonnier, Coroner.

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