Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Census of 1724

56.  Sibille Heile (Sibylla Heil) of Elchingen, Suevia, Germany, Catholic, 37, widow of Wiedel. Two years on place, one and one-half arpents cleared, a good worker.

57.  Johann Adam Edelmeire of Reiheim, Palatinate, Calvinist, 50, cooper, his wife, two boys, 10 and 14 years old. A daughter, Maria Barbara, married Lionnois, a sailor from Lyons. Three arpents cleared, two pigs. A very good worker who deserves attention.
       1726-- Six arpents cleared.
       1728-- Marie Christine Edelmeiere baptized.
       1731-- Five children, one negro and two cows.

58.  Philipp Zahn (Philippe Zoun) native of Grosshoeflein, Hungary, Catholic, 25, laborer, his wife. Three arpents cleared, two years on place, a pig.
       1726-- One child, four arpents cleared.
       1727-- As widower of Margarethe Wiethen(ine) Phillip Zahn married Marie Schlotterbecker of Wurtenburg, widow of Jacob Stalle and sister of the wife of Thomas Lesch.

The census then gives a passage of three arpents wide, leading from the river front to the Concession Of M. de Meure, which was about two miles above Hahnville.

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