Saturday, May 8, 2010

Something to Think About

Have you ever been on a boat ride through the bayous to see what kind of land our ancestors first found in Louisiana? This would not be anything new for many people in this area, but I'd never been in any uninhabited area of Louisiana until a few years ago. This will give you a feeling of what your ancestors saw and felt when they reached a place where no one lived before and knew it was up to them to build a farm with only a couple hand tools. I don't think many of us could even last a week if we had to rely on our own efforts to survive. I went primitive camping once for several weeks to get a feel of what my ancestors had to go through, but I brought food with me that could be cooked on an open fire and I knew I was only a couple miles from civilization if I had an emergency. It still was quite an experience and I really appreciated not having to live that way when I came home.

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