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SchoolBoard Records--1895 and 1896

In October 1895, J. L. Triche and Able Strauss were seated as recently appointed school board members. Also attending were Louis Ory, sheriff and Charles Elfer, assessor.

The report of the superintendent: There has been some complaints regarding the location of the school at Freetown in the 1st Ward and I would suggest that the school be moved to the place called Baumgarden a mile or so lower down where the board owns a building (now) occupied by a black church. There is also much complaint regarding the location at Paradis in the 4th ward. It is near the Southern Pacific Railroad and sometimes the children are interfered with by tramps. Besides which the congregation of the church are continually threatening to turn out the teacher. I would recommend that the school be located at Des Allemands or at Boutte, a few miles either way.

On 4 April 1896 the bills for the new schools, in Wards 2 and 3 are approved and ordered paid not to exceed $500 for each school. Ninety dollars is also approved to place lightning rods at all schools owned by the parish. Mr. A Strauss is authorized to paint the school recently erected at Madisonville at a cost not to exceed $22.40.

The teachers appointed for 1896 are: First Ward, Trinity white school, Miss A. J. Doherty; Freetown black school, Johnson H. Gilmer; Troxler white school, Mrs. J. J. Troxler; Hahnville black school, Aaron Brazier. Second Ward, Fashion white school, Miss K. Gilmore; Gassenville white school, Miss J. D. Triche; Gassenville black school, G. S. Washington; Madisonville white school, Miss M. E. Smitts; Madisonville black school, Miss E. Logan. Third Ward, Delhomer white school, Miss M. L. Connely, Prattville black school, Miss V. Pierson. Fourth Ward, Des Allemands white school, Miss E. Porteous; Paradis black school, Andrew Smith; Boutte white school, Miss N. Humphreys. Fifth ward, Elkinsville white school, Miss K. Gleason; and Elkinsvilee black school, Mrs. D. G. Rousell.

All the schools except the one at Freetown were opened on the first Monday in February. The Freetown School was moved to Baumgarden.

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