Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Inquest Records Book #1, March 1877-Dec 1886

Page 45.  Inquest was held on the body of James Williams at Freetown, on 30 Dec 1880, before Coy Clinton, 1st Ward Justice of the Peace. Jurors' verdict is that on Tuesday night, 28 December 1880, the deceased came to his death being frozen to death under the influence of liquor. Jurors were Wash. Taylor, Handy Washington, C. A. Bourgeois, Robert Pierre, Alcide Diendonnie, and Coy Clinton, Acting Coroner.

Page 46.  Inquest was held on th 4th day of May 1880 to inquire by what means the corps(sic) of Richard Sloen, here lying dead in the 2nd Ward, found floating in the River by John Bentley on the evening of the 3rd, died. After hearing testimony of witnesses and being identified as Richard Sloen, aged 45 years, a blacksmith by trade, born in Nashville Tennessee, resident of this parish last past 16 years, the jurors declare the deceased suicied(sic) by drowning himself in front of J. B. Gassen's Store when suffering of a attack of Delerium Tremen(sic) and said Sloen leaving no property and not being claimed by family or friend was buried by the Coroner at the conclusion of the inquest on this 5th day of May 1880. Jurors were Bonrin Poydras, Henry Frey, William Finney, August Armand, John Bentley and J. F. Mojonnier, Coroner. Filed 7th January 1881.

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