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Inquest Records Book #1, March 1877-Dec 1886

Page 47.  Inquest was held on 17th January 1881, by what means one certain Hall here lying dead in a cabin at Lone Star Plantation found his dead (sic) or lost his life, he being a stranger and unknown to the place. After hearing testimony from persons which saw him drinking at the store of one, Pegnere, 2nd Ward, at different times of the day previous of his death, at the night of the 16th, he went to an unoccupied cabin at Lone Star Place, where the coroner in our presence examined the corps (sic) and who found that said Hall met his death from a Scrotal Hermic (sic) or rupture produce (sic) or aggravated by drinking bad intoxicating liquor which produced the Hernia to be grangreded (sic) and completely mortified in 12 hours, and we further admit that for want of testimony we do not agree on who is to blame for the death of said Hall and so we give our finding. Jurors were Harry McNervey, Adolph Mojonnier, John Bently, August Armand, Paul Faverole, and J. F. Mojonnier, Coroner. Filed March 12, 1881

Page 48.  Inquest was held on the body of John Davis, age 14, on 22 January 1881. A pistol ball having been abstracted by the coroner, the verdict was that John Davis was fatally shot by a pistol in the hand and fired at him by Madison Peter, now at large, on 19 January 1881, at 1 o'clock p.m. The ball penetrated the left hip and further penetrated the Petris (sic) cavity, preforated (sic) the small intestine, the large intestine, and was extracted where lodged on the right side of the Or Illium (sic) causing hemoragie (sic) and inflamation (sic) of intestines, which produced and caused the death in 24 hours. He died at about 1 o'clock on 20 January 1881. Jurors were Paris Nelson, Azique Clement, Augustive Francois, Harry McNervey, Adolph Mojonnier and J. F. Mojonnier, Coroner.

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