Friday, May 21, 2010

School Board Records--1888

In October 1888 there were new board members. The board members were J. L. Boutte, H. L. Young, A. Gassin, O. McLesan, T. T. Baudouin, Emile Rost, Leon Sarpy, and John Tregre. Mr. Owen McLesan was elected to act as parish superintendent.

The board was notified that the school in Des Allemands had been sold. They voted to construct a new school in the 2nd Ward. It was to be 33 x 25 feet and 12 feet high. The lot was to be 100 x 100 feet. The price was not to exceed $500 including desks, blackboards and heaters.

The next minutes start in March 1895. The board members were T. T. Baudouin, A. E. Picard, P. M. Kenner, Charles Elfer, A. Gassen, W. L. Youngs and Alfred Kinler.

In April 1895 the board received a report on a school being built in Des Allemands. Charles Hopkins notified Mr. Youngs on March 25 that the building was completed and the committee could accept it after April 1, 1895. The cost of the building was $375 with $113 due in cash and the rest financed for two years at eight percent interest. Mr. Hopkins donated the lot and built the schoolhouse at no profit to himself. The board voted to send a note of thanks to Mr. Hopkins for his public spirit in making that donation.

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