Saturday, May 22, 2010

St. Charles Parish Officials---January 1883

St. Charles Herald Newspaper---Jan. 5, 1883

Sheriff, B. S. Labranche; Deputy Sheriff, Joseph L. Martin; Clerk of Court, John B. Martin; Assessor, Theodule T. Baudouin; Treasurer, Arthur Robbins.                  

Police Jury, J. L. Boutte, Arthur Brou, Leon Sarpy, E. Rost, J. S. Brady, and Lewis Ory, Secretary;

School Board, Emile Rost, Leon Sarpy, J. S. Brady, H. L. Youngs, Owen McLaren, J. L. Boutte, and T. T. Baudouin, Superintendent and Arthur Robbins, Treasurer.

Syndics were  Ward 1, L. DeBroussard; Ward 2, John Mongrue; Ward 3, George Delhommer; Ward 4, James Taylor; and Ward 5, Emile Soniat.

Justice of the Peace, Ward 1, Coy Clinton; Ward 2, C. C. A. Stephens; Ward 3, George Scott; Ward 4, Joseph B. Friedman; Ward 5, Reuben B. Smith.

Constables, Ward 1, Robert Pierre; Ward 2, Louis Thomas; Ward 3, Peter Brown; Wards 4 and 5, no one in this position.

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