Monday, May 10, 2010

School Records, January 1888

We have seen the number of schools rise from 10 in 1879 to 13 in 1887. The school term also increased from four months to six months.

In Jan 1888 the board received a report that there had been an increase of 173 students attending school. Due to this they voted to open 15 schools in February 1888 for a term of five months. These would be six schools for white children and nine schools for black children. New schools would be one for white children at Red Church in the 5th Ward and one for black children at Boutte Station in the 4th Ward.

The names of the teachers were given at the April 1888 meeting. They were Miss Zulema Bourgeois, Mrs. Corinne Daigle, Miss M. C. Manny, Miss P. A. Clanton, Miss Cecilia C. Daigle, Miss M. A. Thoroughgood, Mrs. L. A. P. Evans, Miss Dora G. Russell, Miss Emma C. Aitkens, Mr. F. P. Ricard, Mrs. M. Lawton, Miss Lorenza White, Mrs. E. Townsend, Mrs. D. B. Clanton, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. L. N. Philipson.

The Cross Tie and Lumber Company of New Orleans have cut and made 4652 ties on school property in the 16th Section, Township 14, Range 21 East and offer to pay three cents per tie according to R. W. Rogers, agent of the company.

The schoolhouse on Longue's Place was sold for $35 to Mr. A. Levy. The board authorized Mr. Young to sell the schoolhouse and lot at Bayou Des Allemands.

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