Saturday, May 15, 2010 Announces Its Top 100 Genealogy Sites

WOW!!! I'm on the list. I didn't expect to be included on any list this soon after I started my blog. Their statement on the choices says, "We wanted  to identify and give recognition to websites which offered high-quality content, were innovative in topic or design, and which were frequently updated with new content. We also put some emphasis on finding hidden gems in the community, and bringing sites to attention which currently have relatively small audiences. As such, there are a number of lessor-known sites included, and a few more prominent sites unmentioned for the same reason."

Go to and check out some other blogs that may interest you.

I'm in Hattiesburg, MS this weekend and will be going to Montgomery and Birmingham, AL before the end of the month, but I brought my research material with me so that I can keep up with the material about St. Charles Parish.